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  1. Eager definition, keen or ardent in desire or feeling; impatiently longing: I am eager for news about them. He is eager to sing. See more.
  2. 30 synonyms of eager from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 23 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for eager. Eager: showing urgent desire or interest.
  3. Eager definition is - marked by enthusiastic or impatient desire or interest. How to use eager in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of eager.
  4. Eager Polymers Chicago is your one-stop source for all mold-making and casting projects. You will find that our Web Site is the most comprehensive in the industry, filled with hundreds of pages of How-To information, technical data sheets, and helpful hints.
  5. The adjective eager describes someone is excited about or impatient for something. If you want to be a doctor one day, you might be eager to dissect a frog in biology. Your squeamish friend? Not so eager.
  6. Aug 08,  · Hi, Thin provision: is when the disk is created but the size of the disk is equal to the size of the corfelibittaro.irandiegaditinitemamvahillstor.infoinfo write performance. Thick provision lazy zeroed: the disk created has the same size as the storage on the storage, but the blocks inside are initialized immediately before being corfelibittaro.irandiegaditinitemamvahillstor.infoinfoe performance. Thick provision eager zeroed: the disk has the same dimensions as the .
  7. Eager definition: If you are eager to do or have something, you want to do or have it very much. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
  8. Eager is a powerful story about one of the world’s most influential species, how North America was colonized, how our landscapes have changed over the centuries, and how beavers can help us fight drought, flooding, wildfire, extinction, and the ravages of climate change. Ultimately, it’s about how we can learn to coexist, harmoniously and /5().

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